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Black spotted male and female lyretail swordtails
This attractive spotting pattern results from the the suppression of black pigmentation that would otherwise spread to varying degrees throughout the body. The gene(s) responsible for this pattern likely originated in the maculatus platy.
Yellow red-tailed spotted hifin male swordtail
Yellow wag hifin male platy
These albino lyretail females are very attractive. Unfortunately, 95% of the lyretails in this brood are males and not able to breed naturally.
Hifin maculatus platies with long flowing dorsal fins are not readily available. This male is fertile and will be used as breeding stock.
The dorsal fin on this fish is wide and very coloful, but it is not especially long.
Albino lyretail female swordtails
Black hifin male swordtail
Albino redcap female swordtail
The female redcap on the left is the mother of the orange redcap hifin male on the right. Breeding the male back to the mother should produce a high percentage of redcap offspring.
Orange redcap hifin male swordtail
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